It Begins With A Burden

Have you ever hear someone say, “I just don’t feel like it”, “I’m not about that life”, “That’s just not my thing”. One of the most discouraging parts of this generation is a lack of being burdened. Even amongst those involved and serving the Lord, there is an absence of a burden. While many attend, send, and pretend, few truly “catch” a burden heavy enough that it burns in their hearts and transfers to their hands. Nehemiah understood the power of a burden. He saw his homeland, his people and the destruction they had endured. Before he ever endeavored he began with a burden. It wasn’t a passing thought or a minute at the altar. It wasn’t just a strong feeling. It was a supernatural force that changed Nehemiah forever.  Nehemiah’s Burden was more than a passing thought or a minute at the altar. This wasn’t a strong feeling, it was a supernatural force that changed Nehemiah forever.

-It Stopped Him
The Bible says Nehemiah sat down. His daily routine and life as usual could no longer go on. The burden was too strong.

-It Stirred Him
He wept. His heart was so full of care for his people, that it overflowed through his eyes. His burden was real to him.

-It Saddened Him
He mourned. He thought about what was, what could have been, what the nation had become and what he must do to make it better.

-It Was Serious
He fasted. This burden so overtook him that he gave his physical needs in a sacrifice to God to beg God for direction in his burden.

-It was Spiritual
He prayed. The burden drove Nehemiah to the Lord for help. He begged God for forgiveness and faith to attempt to do something to fulfill his burden.

-It was Shared
Nehemiah leaves to go home to get started and takes some people with him. The burden was so big he couldn’t leave it inside.
What is your burden? What have you seen or heard that burns deep within your heart? Has your life been stopped by any burden.

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church