Is Your Fun Making You Filthy ?

Let me ask you a very direct question today, have you ever, with your Let me ask you a very direct question today, have you ever, with your          own eyeballs, seen a murder or violent assault?  I’m not talking about in TV or movies, I’m talking about live and in person, you have witnessed a violent act of crime.  How about an affair? Has an unmarried couple ever come into your home and, right in front of the entire family, been immoral?  No, I didn’t think so.  Yet all these things and much worse have been played out over and over again in front of our eyes and for our ears in the entertainment of the world.  Sadly, these wicked things are now considered normal and even entertaining.  Jesus is quite clear about the things that come out of the heart and cause defilement.  Read through that list again and ask yourself, what would the entertainment of this world be like if all of these things were removed?  We would be horrified and disgusted if what was happening on TV happened in our presence.  If a guest came into your home or church and they began to cuss and swear, dropping every type of profanity, they would be quickly ushered out the front door and asked not to return until they could behave themselves.  Yet sadly in the name of entertainment, Christians allow this sinful, defiling activity into their homes, and worse yet, into their heads and hearts as they sit and watch the filthy fun of the world.   I don’t expect Hollywood to get it.  I don’t expect the world to produce good and wholesome entertainment.   I do believe, however, that God expects His people to know the difference between clean and unclean things and to avoid the unclean.  Let me ask you, Christian, is your fun making you filthy?

Pastor Robert Pophal

Rose Park Baptist Church| Holland MI