Ice Cube Curling

Score the most points

Items needed:
Table, Ice cube trays, Food Coloring, marker or tape

How to Play:
Start by mixing blue food coloring in a couple trays and freezing it. Then red food coloring in other trays and freezing them. These will be the two teams curling stones. Mark or tape a target circle at the end of a long table. Two teams of three compete to see who can score the most points. have three tiers in your target for 1 point if the cube lands on the outer ring. 2 points awarded if the cube lands on the middle ring. 3 points are awarded if the cube lands in the center of the target. One contestant from the red team goes first and slides one of the red cubes down the table trying to land in in the target. The next player to throw is someone from the blue team. They must try to land it in the target as well. Knocking someone’s ice cube out of play is definitely acceptable. Who ever scored the most at the end of the round wins that round. Then pick 6 more people and go round two!