I Pronounce You Happy!

Proverbs 31:28 ”Her children arise up, and call her blessed her husband also, and he praiseth her.” 
Her own children, whom she has loved and cared for and given herself to, are the ones who rise up to honor and call her blessed, or ‘declare her happy’.

A godly woman doesn’t have to go searching for recognition, fulfillment and identity in a high-paid executive position. She doesn’t need the world’s honors to be happy. Even ‘Woman of the Year’ or ‘Mother of the Century’ is pale and lifeless beside the rewards of heart-felt praise from your family.

Probably every mother has gotten tears in her eyes the first time her toddler walked up unannounced and said, “Mommy’s pwetty”, or “I wuv you, Mommy.” When we’ve done our job well in teaching them to be grateful and appreciative and kind and loving and unselfish, we have the joy of knowing we’re helping them to build a happy future in other relationships someday, and we get to enjoy the ‘first-fruits’ of that training.

And ‘the man of your dreams’ — that one for whom you’ve given your life to be a part of his life. No amount of money in the world could equal the worth of a husband’s honest admiration and appreciation to his wife for the person she is, as well as her hard work and high aspirations as a wife and mother.

In all the world, these are the people we love the most, have given our lives to, and would go to any length to help. To know that those efforts have hit their target and accomplished their purpose is greatly rewarding. To be loved in return by those you love most, and to enjoy the expressions of that love is all part of God’s plan for real happiness.

Yet what would other honors be worth to us without the praise and appreciation of our family? Who cares if you are awarded a plaque for ‘Woman of the Year’ if you and your husband have a loveless relationship, or if your children have squandered their lives and futures in sin?

We can put on a front for others sometimes, and make them think we’re better than we really are. But all of that false veneer crumbles at home, and we tend to let down our guard and show our true nature there.

The most important people in the world to love and be kind to are the people who live at your house. The most rewarding thing in life is when those “VIP’s” think you’re the greatest and wouldn’t trade you for anything or anybody.

Mrs. Cathy Corle wife to Evangelist Dennis Corle