I Love My Youth Group

Hebrews 10:25 “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Our youth group plays a vital role in our church. In our church the make up of bus workers, junior church workers, choir members, nursery workers, soul winners, volunteers and servants is often filled with our teenagers. They play a big role in the spirit and energy of the church as well. Not only are they the next generation, but they are seeking to reach the next generation for Christ. Needless to say I love my youth group!

I. I Love My Youth Group Because They Believe the Bible

I am like you and I teach and preach multiple times per week to my youth group. Many of them will hear 7 sermons per week and that is just a regular week! They still keep coming back for more! WOW! I love that they want to hear the Word of God!

II. I Love My Youth Group Because They Love God

The Youth Group is in the process of developing their relationship with God and I love the fact that our Youth Group loves God. I see them serve Him, choose Him over sin and work to cultivate a strong relationship with Him. I love that they love God.

III. I Love My Youth Group Because They Love People

We try to not use  labels like “Bus Teens”, “Church Teens”, where you go to school, how you came to church, who your family may be or how spiritual you are. Our Youth Group is so diverse and yet so loving. Girls whose dads are on staff love girls who do not know their dads. I love that they love people.

IV. I Love My Youth Group Because It’s a Place to Grow

We have young people from every stage of the Christian life. New converts to teenagers called to ministry. Yet they all have an opportunity to grow in the Youth Group. Lessons, Activities, Youth Conferences and Soul Winning allow every young person, no matter their spiritual stage, to grow. I love to watch them grow.

V. I Love My Youth Group Because They Are Soul Winners

Every week we go out on Wednesdays for Teen Soul Winning and many of them go out Saturdays for Bus Visiting as well. They want to win souls. Many times, when it is time to return to the church, they are disappointed that it is time to stop giving the gospel. I Love that they love to win souls.

VI. I Love My Youth Group Because They Are REAL

I tell my Youth Group… “If you be 100% real with me, I will be 100% real with you”. I have many of them come by my office and chat. Some for just small talk, but some for counsel and help with real life problems and spiritual issues. They don’t put on with me. They let me know that they have problems and want help with them. I love that they try to be real.

VII. I Love My Youth Group Because They Are the BEST Part of My Week

As a YP I wear a lot of hats… the #yplife is a lot more than roller coasters and burping contests (in case you didn’t know). The #yplife usually includes the #funerals, vistitation, soulwinning, maintenance, bus ministry, parking lot, buildings, and whatever else the Pastor wants LIFE…  So when Youth Group comes around, it is not a chore, it is AWESOME!  For me the week is finances, teaching college classes, soul winning, meetings with Pastor and other stuff. On Wednesday I get to spend from 3 till 9 with my Youth Group! AMEN! We go soul winning, have a meal, have Power Hour and then go to our Wednesday Night service. They are the best part of my week!


I do not write this to make you think that there are not times that I do not have to pray for, counsel and correct my youth group. They are far from perfect. You may come to our church and find some that don’t do any of these things… I still love them too!  What I am trying to say is that I am thankful that I am the YP for MY teenagers.

Whenever you find yourself feeling down about your youth group or how you are doing as a Youth Pastor, stop and take a minute to think about how much you love your Youth group and write down why you do.

They believe the Bible…

They love God.. .

They love people..

They want to grow..

They will win souls if you teach them..

They will be real if you will be real…

They make your week great!


Don’t  YOU love YOUR Youth Group?


William Davis | Youth Pastor
Clays Mill Baptist Church