Human Stratego


Capture the other teams flag (LOOK at Stratego board game rules)


  • People, Painters tape, Gym or Parking lot, pieces of paper with piece number on it

How to Play:

Set up your board just like the board game scenario with the painters tape. Divide your youth group into two teams and then give each person a piece of paper with the piece number they are (ie one player gets to be the 10 piece, one player the flag, one player the nine, and so on. LOOK up the pieces on Stratego.) Play can be turned based (ie all the players on one team can move the appropriate amount of spaces deemed to their piece. Once the turn is over allow the other team one minute to get their strategy. Then it is that teams turn. Play continues until one team has conquered the other teams flag.) OR Play can be simultaneous (ie both teams get to move at the same time conflicts are resolved after all pieces have moved or elected not to. Once players have moved resolve conflicts if there are any. Then allow both teams one minute to strategize. After the minute the next round starts immediately.)