Human Battleship


Be the last team with ships alive

Items Needed:

  • Ten or more players
  • Dodge ball | or something that can be thrown that doesn’t hurt (Large Car Sponges)

How To Play:

Two teams are divide and spaced out on either sides of the room or outside. Players must pick a spot to stand or sit if you have enough chairs. Once they are in that spot they can not move until they are out (or to pick up the projectiles between rounds). Once the teams are set, two teams captains flip a coin to see which side gets to throw first. All the players on the first team then at the same time throw their projectiles at the other team. Players who are hit are now out, but players on the second team who were hit by the first teams volley are allowed to throw at the other team from the spots they were at. Once the second team has thrown all the players on both teams who were hit are removed from the field and then play continues until there is only one team standing.