How To Win A Coworker To Christ

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase “Don’t talk about politics or religion in the workplace.” While the world views this as less divisive, the love of Christ should constrain us to share the Gospel! I want to share some practical tips that I have learned while working in the secular world. I hope they will be a blessing! 

1. Be a Christian at Work!

The workplace is a tough environment. You must be noticeably different! You have to set the right example and avoid the appearance of evil! (Phil 1:27)

2. Work Unquestionably Hard!

Whether or not you are the most talented at your job, I have found that people respect hard work. If you are willing to help others accomplish their jobs, it creates a respect and gives what you say to them more influence. (Ecc 9:10)

3. Know their name, and spend time for them in prayer!

I am not in any way the expert on the winning of souls, but I know I have never led someone to Christ on accident. You must spend time in prayer first! (Romans 10:1)

4. Be Real, and Be Kind

Everyone deserves to be treated like a human being that Jesus died for. Period. There should be no exceptions! The God denier deserves a warm hello and a smile! (Matt 7:12)

5. Witness! Witness! Witness!

I do not believe in robbing your employer. You are at work to work, so work! However, if you spend your breaks and lunches alone then don’t expect to win very many coworkers to Christ! Use every day conversation to point them to the most important person: Jesus Christ! 

If you do have a job where you work closely to others, use every opportunity you get! I currently unload semi trucks full of office furniture. When someone else is paired with me, I would be a fool to waste that opportunity start a conversation about Christ!

6. Know Your limits and let the Holy Spirit lead!

There are some people who will not or cannot be saved the first time you witness to them. For example, if they do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God then don’t walk them through a prayer! They can’t be saved until they accept by faith that Jesus is God’s Son (Acts 16:30, I John 5:10-13). Don’t cause confusion, but don’t stop witnessing! It may take a while! Bathe it in prayer! 

James Young

Church Planter | Jasper, IN