How to Pray for your Youth Group

The young people of today are in need of prayer.  While they are fundamentally no different from any other generation, their generation, especially in America, is fundamentally different than any before them.  Today’s youth, by which I mean ages 12 to 20, have grown up in a society that is very illiterate in the Bible and extremely proficient in profanity, sexuality, vulgarity, and irreverence.  Here are some helps when praying for this generation.

Pray for the Homes and Families

The bedrock of every youth is their home.  Pray invested in the homes and families of the youth you care about is time well spent.  Solid and spiritual youth typically are built by solid spiritual parents.

 Pray for the Pastors and Youth Leaders

Beside their parents, prayer is needed for their Pastors and Youth Leaders.  God needs to lead them and their wives as they lead the youth of your church.  As in every generation there must be godly men and women who will take a stand for God and show to the next generation that God is real, the Bible is true, and that Faith and Faithfulness is rewarded by God.

Pray for God to Touch Hearts

No amount of fun or promotional activities will make a lasting difference in the heart and life of a teenager, but the touch of God will.  When any teenager opens their heart to being responsive and sensitive to the leading of God they are on the path to a lasting spiritual legacy.

Pray for a Godly Atmosphere

All groups have a “spirit” about them.  Pray for a godly and spiritual atmosphere in your church youth group.  Pray that God will raise up godly teen leadership in the youth group who will help the leadership with establishing and keeping a good and unified spirit in the youth ministry

Pray for Participation

Pray that youth will go all-in for God in their youth ministry and church.  Today’s youth are pulled in every direction with sports, jobs, and the multitude of time wasting entertainment options available to them.  There can be so many great things planned and offered to the youth of your church but if the teens refuse to participate it deadens the spirit of a youth group.

Pray for Visitors and Salvations

The lifeblood of the youth ministry is visitors.  Without growth a youth ministry will stagnate and shrink.  Pray that God will bring new teens and families with teens and children to your church.  Also pray for God to move on those visitors to be saved!

Pray Specifically

Ask the leadership of your church youth group for specific prayer requests and the spiritual needs of your church’s youth.


Robert Pophal

Associate | Youth Pastor

Open Door Baptist Church of Lima, Ohio