How To Build A Great Sunday School

I believe in building a great Sunday School, and you can anywhere in the world. It may not be many , but it can be a great Sunday School anyway. I would like to give you 6. points for building a great Sunday School:

1. Faith in the Word of God.

Your teachers have to believe the Bible. If the’re using the wrong version and using the wrong teachers for examples, they may fail. Stay on the main track and get the thing done right.

2. Burden for souls.

You have to care about people. You have to care about people. You have to love people, the big ones the little, the white ones, the black ones, the dirty ones, the clean ones. We got to love them all. Love them all the same way. Sometimes people look down there nose at some fella that comes in poorly dressed and not very clean and no family o care for him. Treat him the same way.

3. Standards for teachers.

Teachers are somebody. You are more important than teaching at the University of California then teaching at Notre Dame. In our part of the country, a teacher makes 75,000 up to 150,000 somebody told me  that a Notre Dame teacher teaches 4 hours a week and makes 150,000 but wait a minute! Your a teacher of Sunday School. Your’re the most important person of the world. You’re teaching in the worlds greatest school. Think of that!  Understand standards there are four main areas.  saved, separated, faithful and loyal. They need to be separated from the world and you need to make sure your separated. You better define what you mean by separation. Do not be worldly. They need to be faithful to every service of the church- Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night, all three. It takes three to thrive. They need to be in all of them to be able to teach. Now if you  make an exception, you’re going to ruin them. They must be loyal to your church, to your pastor, to the entire work. A disloyal teacher can hurt the whole thing. They will be critical and they will find fault with this and that. They don’t like the preaching or they don’t like singing, etc They must be loyal all the way through. Now we require standards at Highland Park in my 40 years as a pastor there. We had a little card made and I had on there, “Standards for teachers: Saved, separated, faithful and loyal.” They had to check that and they had to sign their name to it. Now if they didnt agree to all four, we didnt take them at all. They had to agree to come to every church service, go soul winning live a holy life and be loyal.

4. Weekly teachers and officers meetings.

We met every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 7:30 in another auditorium all the teachers and all the officers. We counted them all there and we had them all there. This was every week. We never missed a Wednesday night we made sure we had it. We made it interesting. We made a report of last Sunday where we failed where we did really good what we should stop doing what we should do better. Then we gave a summary of the Sunday school lesson that was for that Sunday. We made the meeting very important.

5. Weekly visitation program.

Knock on doors. The more people you see, the more you have in Sunday School , the more you have in church, and the more you have saved. If you see 100, you may get 10 or 15 to come. Just keep on going.

6. Consistent teaching program.

If your teaching through the Bible. as we did ares for a number of years, chapter by chapter you have to study and prepare. One thing people in America don’t know is the Bible. Most folks have never read through the Bible. You probably have never read it completely through either. We need to teach the word of God. There must be a consistent teaching of Gods word.

7. Goals.

If you have 100, you want 200. If you have 200 you want 400. Keep on growing and keep it right before them. Talk about it from the pulpit. If you don’t do that you will fail. You have to keep it every week. Have goals before you all the time. Let me give you some things that I think are important to building a great Sunday school.  Reach Adults – build strong adult Bible classes. I mean big ones. They don’t need to be tiny. I like big adult classes. I want people to come and hear the preacher teach the Word of God. – Teach Adults- Name your Sunday School class. Give it a good name. A bible name, such as joy class, fellowship class or foundation bible class. You could probably make some type of calling card and advertise it. You can put the name of the class on it and the name of the teacher and the location. When you reach the adults you have the whole family. – Visit every prospect once per quarter- I know that’s a big order. Visit them once every 3 months and tell them about the Lord and urge them to come to sunday school. – Increase your enrollment- Enroll the entire church in Sunday School. Don’t ask them enroll them. When they join the church, they belong to the Sunday School as well as the church. Enroll everyone that walks in. Visit absentees. Use buses and vans. Just get people to Sunday School. I hope these things will help you build a great Sunday School for the cause of Jesus Christ.

– Dr. Lee Roberson

Former Pastor | Highland Park Baptist Church