How to be Happy

In acts chapter 26 we find the Apostle Paul’s testimony before King Agrippa. This chapter could be effortlessly outlined like this:
1. A Powerful Explanation (Verses 1-23)
2. A Prejudiced Expression (Verses 24-26)
3. A Personal Exam (Verse 27)
4. A Poor Excuse (Verses 30-32)
      It is while the Physician Luke is dealing (under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit) with “A Powerful Explanation” that a person sees an important key that unlocks the door to cheerfulness in service for Christ. ( Verse 2)
       G. Campbell Morgan once wrote about this section of scripture: “He (Paul) gave the story of his conversion, his commission, his consecration.” Never forget: It’s the memory of the Christian that is the mechanism that can birth their own personal camp-meeting. Friend, you and i need to discover how to make ourselves delighted! There are three truths that if the believer would think about, they would be thrilled. (All found in Acts 26.)
A truth that if the believer will think about they will be thrilled, is recount when you were miserable. (Verse 14) It is a Bible impossibility to have conversion without FIRST hitting conviction. God doesn’t give you the strawberry shortcake before getting the spinach souffle. it is the stench of the mire that allows one to be overjoyed by the song of the choir. (Psalm 40:2-3) Recount when you were miserable!
 A truth that if the believer will think about they will be thrilled, is relive when you met mercy. (Verse 15) the Happiest people on planet earth are those who never get too far from when and where they were introduced to Christ. After Zaccheus got saved, his favorite tree was a SYCAMORE TREE, just like your favorite church pew is the one that you heard the gospel from! (Luke 19:5&6) Relive when you me mercy!
A truth that if the believer will think about they will be thrilled, is recite when you were marshaled. (Verse 16) The word “marshaled”simply means, set out in an orderly manner. God doesn’t save us to sit, but he saves us to serve, and whatever that station of service is, we ought to be SHOUTING HAPPY to serve there! Somebody needs to not only be an usher, but have a smile to go with the handshake. (Psalm 84:10) Recite when you were marshaled!
 DR. John Hamblin/ Evangelist