How To Be Bold

I Thess. 2:1-7

Reason a lot of peole don’t go Soul Winning and don’t stand for right

Fear. Afraid. Why?

How can I Be a Christian be bold with faith others not to be

Paul was bold. Wasn’t scared. Why?

Was he special? Have something. No

The Reason Paul was bold is the same way we can be bold

I. His Message was Backed by Faith

Vs. 3 Not of Deceit- misleading, leading to believe a lie

Paul was bold because he believed in what he was saying and doing

We shouldn’t be scared to give the Gospel

Do you believe the Gospel?

Can God really save? Does the Bible say that?

If you don’t believe 100% then you will be nervous. You will be shy, scared. If you believe be bold

II. A Man Beating the Flesh

Vs.3 Not of Uncleanness – moral impurity, fleshly, worldly

Paul’s life was consistent with his lips

Does your life match your lips?

Lost, Backslid, sin flirter- you will have a hard time being bold

But…If you’re living for God, be bold


III. A Method Based on Father’s Word

Vs. 3 Nor in guile- to trick, craft

Soul Winnng is not being a con artist

Having standards isn’t being a good actor

What is your stand/service based on? Hearsay, craft , attention, popularity?

If your Soul Winning and lifestyle is Bible Based you can be bold.


 IV. A Mouth Besought By the Father

Vs.4 Put in trust with Gospel

God is trusting you to use the Gospel to produce fruit

What kind of steward of the gospel are you?

3 Stewards Matt. 25:14


V. Motivation built on Fear not Fame

Vs.4 Not as pleasing men

Vs. 5 Don’t use flattery words nor a cloak of covetousness

6 Nor of men sought we Glory

Vs. 4 But God which trieth our hearts

Why do you go? Why do you stand? What is your motives?

If for fame, fortune, praise, attention, you’re boldness cant last

If for God, Be Bold!

VI. Minister Brought to the Flock

6 Gentle among you

Imagine what will happen if you don’t go!

Do you love folks?

People in Hell, Sin Rules, Kids Lost?


We Can Be Bold

-Do you believe your message?

-Are you beating the flesh?

-Is your Method based on Bible?

-Do you know God has called you?

-Why do you go?

-Do you Love People?


He will help you be bold

You need him with you, then it  is easy to be bold.

William Davis

William Davis

Youth Pastor

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church