How Different Do Opposites Need to Be?

The opposite sides of a coin are inextricably similar besides what is printed on them. We all know the difference though. One side is heads, and the other side is tails. What side is “heads”? The side with the head on it. What side is “tails”? The side without a head! As you may have thought, there is no “tail” on the opposite side. You know it is “tails” because it is the opposite of heads.

There are many things that are opposites – Black, or white; Cold, or hot; Fire, and ice; Sweet, and sour; North and South poles. From opposite things several phrases  have been coined such as, “they’re just opposite sides of the same coin,” or “opposites attract.” It is not difficult to find out what two things are completely opposite from one another. The question that is harder to answer is this: How different do opposites need to be?

First of all, opposites should be immediately and easily distinguishable from one another just like two sides of a coin. How difficult would it be if Lincoln’s face were on one side of your penny, and Alexander Hamilton’s face on the other side? We would need to change the name of the game from “Heads or Tails”! Second, when two things are opposite they are going different directions. How do you get a room warmer? Turn the thermostat up. Colder? Turn the thermostat down. Remember: East and West are OPPOSITE directions. Finally, opposite is when some thing or some one is the “reverse” of some thing or some one else. Black is the absence of all visible light, and white contains all the wavelengths of visible color. How different does all of this make a pair?

The Bible has many commands to men and women. Out of the many Biblical commands the most controversial are when God asks for opposites. These commands concern clothing (Deuteronomy 22:5), and hair cuts (1 Corinthians 11:14,15). In the realm of salvation and
spirituality, men and women have equal opportunity. Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. However, in these areas God specifically has a separating preference. This is an issue that is influenced by culture and time, and is, to say the least, a decision that is extremely personal for every individual. The issue may some times be difficult, but the choices are simple.

According to the scriptures, men and women have completely distinguishable clothing. It does not take a scientist or experience to be able to look at a person to see if they are man or woman. That is not what the Bible says. It states that women should not wear clothes that pertain to a man, and that men should not wear a woman’s garment. The clothing is commanded to be opposite. The two sexes sets of suitable attire should be so easily distinguishable from one another that it is as easy as “Heads or Tails.”

A man’s hair length and a woman’s hear length have opposite standards. A woman’s glory is in how LONG her hair can be. It is a covering. A man on the other hand is shamed for having hair that is long. It should be short. It does not say that it should be obvious that one is a man or the other is a woman. It simply says that it is a shame for one to be long, but it is glory for the other. They should be opposite. Reverse from one another that the decision is black and white. How different should opposites be? Different enough to be opposite.

Pastor Jesse McCammon

Calvary Baptist Church | Flora, IL

Calvary Baptist