How A YP Gains Respect

Titus 2:7 “In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity.”

Youth Groups simply can’t function without respect, but the more we push for it, the more elusive it seems to be. So what’s the answer? Why won’t teenagers fall into line? Why don’t they give respect when we demand it? What could possibly help? There are no easy answers, but there are steps to take in a better direction.

1. Respect Your Teenagers.

You know when you’re disrespectful and so do they. As the YP, respect is something we can teach by doing. You can not expect teenagers to respect

2. Respect Your Wife.

The relationship between Husband and Wife sets the tone for your youth group. If you and your wofe are fighting or seem to always be on different sheets of music it will hurt the teenagers. When they witness husband and wife treating one another with love and respect despite their differences, the standard has been set.

3. Be consistent.

Teenagers need to know what to expect. Your inconsistency leaves them floundering. You must be consistent in order to earn respect.

4. Follow through.

In other words, tell the truth. Think carefully, because the moment you fail to follow through, you lose credibility and respect.

5. Live with integrity

Teenagers are master observers. As the YP you ought to have a solid work ethic. There is more to being a YP than just being the “fun guy”. It takes work and you have to do it. All of this helps build and sustain the kind of character your teens will respond to with respect.

6. Be a leader.

YPs are leaders, and one way to lead is to love from the front. Listen to their needs and respond with care.

7. Don’t try to be their friend.

Don’t even worry about being loved back especially right now. They don’t need you to be compromising your stance. You are there to love them and part of that is protecting them from themselves. Do what is best for them even when they disagree.

8. Tell the truth.

Tell the truth about what is right and then live it. Be genuine. Your teenagers can see right through you if you are fake.

William Davis – cy
Youth Pastor | Clays Mill Baptist Church