Head, Shoulders, Knees… Cup

Objective:  Get the Cup
Items Needed: Unlimited Players, Cups
How to Play:  
Place cup between 2 contestants. 
Go back and forth with the saying “head, shoulders, knees…(the contestants are to place their hands wherever you say)…shoulders, knees, CUP” and when you say “cup” the one who grabs the cup wins, but if they brake the cup in the process they are both out. If one of the contestants touches the cup before you say “CUP”, then he is out. If they didn’t get the cup, they sit down, but if they did get the cup they need to find another partner and get ready for the next round. Once they find a partner, they place one cup between them and get ready for the leader to call “Head!” for the second round. You continue the process until there is only one person standing!
Ty Cambell | Youth Pastor
Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church