Growing in Grace

2 Peter 3:18 ” But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…” 

       In some ways the Christian life is similar to the natural life. When a baby is born it must be fed and cared for. In time it grows, gains strength, and learns to walk. The process of growing continues until the baby reaches adulthood. Growing in knowledge can last for many more years, even for most of one’s life.
       The Christian life also begins with a birth, and a new born christian needs care and feeding in order to grow in the Lord. Sadly some Christians little and never reach maturity. When that happens it is  usually because of the neglect of the proper growing conditions.
       A newborn baby is not left outside in the cold to fend for himself. It must be clothed, loved, fed, and cared for. A baby would do as well outside on a cold winter day as a new Christian will do in a cold, sinful world. A new Christian belongs in the warm, loving, spiritual church. Christians need to contribute to their own spiritual growth. They need to feed upon the Word of God. They need to pray and worship the Lord daily, and they need to be active i the Lord’s service.


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Evangelist Louis Arnold  (1914-2015)

Founder of CMRBC

An excerpt from his daily devotional book:

Day Starters