Grinches That Can Steal Your Christmas

Matt 2:1-4, 16

Herod attempts to kill all of the boys that would be born trying to rid himself of the possibility of Jesus. He tries to “steal Christmas” like the Grinch. Imagine if Herod had been successful.  No calendar. No America. No schools. No Hospitals. No lights. No trees. No Santa… Herod tried to steal Christmas away from us… just as the Grinch… There are things in your life that can become Grinches that try to steal Christmas from you.

I. The Grinch of Discontentment

In the season where so many are giving and getting, many will allow the Grinch of Discontentment to steal their Christmas. Envy, Covetous, Discontented, Displeased Christians allow this spirit to steal away their time of celebrating Christ. Situations, stuff and social status can create a grinch of discontentment that can creep in and steal away Christmas from us.

II. The Grinch of Disagreement

With so much hustle and bustle, the stress level often  climbs out the roof and our spirits are often on edge. Disagreements, arguments and overexaggerated misunderstandings can lead to “good will to men” being thrown out the window. Whether Disagreements with Family and Friends or Disagreements with other Folks over Foolish Things, we must learn to let things go and not to let the Grinch of Disagreement steal Christmas.

III. The Grinch of Disappointment

The Christmas season is a happy time for most everyone… but it can also be a disappointing time if we let our spirits be dragged down by our circumstances. Many of us have been hurt, sad, have lost family members, friends, and seen many negative things transpire in our lives. Don’t let the Grinch of Disappointment steal Christmas from you.

IV. The Grinch of Disobedience

Sometimes when we get to the holidays we let our guards down and sin creeps in. Rock music, parties, dances, immodesty and the world are justified and promoted as a part of the celebration of the Son of God. Let’s be careful that we stay close to God and walk with Him daily and not let the Grinch of Disobedience steal Christmas.

Have a Merry Christmas!

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church