Great peace

Psalms119:165 “Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing
shall offend them.”

There is much offense in today’s world. Various behaviors expressing opinions or beliefs that go contrary to normal. There is a growing trend in not respecting the US flag and the pledge of allegiance. Many seek out ways to protest something that gets the most offensive attention.The Bible uses this word “offense” in several places. Offenses brought arguments among herdsmen in the days of Abraham. Offenses brought war in the Biblical days of the nation of Israel. In Matthew 11, Jesus is responding to the disciples of John who are asking why John is in prison and he says, “Blessed is He whomsoever is not offended in me”. He is referring to His will. There is an all-important statement before this – “Great peace have they which love thy law”. This means a willingness to live within the law. Sports teams that are willing to compete within the limitations of the law enjoy good competition and exercise. God has made laws for life and living. So long as we love that law we have peace with God. Whatever God says we accept and life is better in all areas of our life (i.e., school, home, respect for authority, government, worship, salvation). The greatest peace we can have is to receive Christ as our personal Savior and be born again! There is another peace and that is peace with one another. Can it be true that people can have peace with one another? It can be when we find the common ground of the Law of God. All of us who love the law of God should have peace with one another. I am not the law. In my roles of life, I represent the law in several capacities but I am not the law. I am the president of Commonwealth Baptist College, pastor of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church, administrator of Clays Mill Road Christian Academy, and the father of my home. However, in not a single place mentioned am I the law – I simply represent it. “If you want what is right and I want what is right” we can have peace because we both love the law and we cannot be offended. Offense comes when I think I “am” the law rather than the representation of the law in my areas of authority. In fact, authority is the representation of the law – not the law itself. A dispute is settled in America when two opposing opinions come before a judge who represents the law. The judge makes a ruling – that is the way we live. We have peace when we love law (more than self) and we live beyond offense.Decide to simply love the law of God. When you come to a disagreement, let the law of the word of God settle the matter. Great peace have they which love thy law.

-Pastor Jeff Fugate

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church