Going Off the Grid


Be the team with the best time to get off the grid

Items Needed: 

timer (phone is fine), masking tape or duct tape to make the grid, and pre-made patterns

How to Play:
Split the youth department into teams. The larger the team the better. Have a tape grid pre-made on the floor, just a simple square grid make it as big as you like the, because size can always change. Plan a path for the first team to follow. they have to try by trial-and-error to find the correct path off of the grid. Have the team line up off of the grid in a line. Once you say go start the timer and have the first person in line try to find the path but as soon as they step on the wrong square that individual is done and goes to the back of the line. The next person will have watched their teammate’s path and learned where to step and not to step. Then HE tries to find the path. When the second person steps on the wrong square his turn is done and he goes to the back of the line, and you just continue cycling through the team till they get done.  They are all working together by watching each other go on the grid. They are allowed to step forwards, backwards, and side to side. Diagonal is not allowed.

Bro. Mick Hall | Youth Pastor

Faith Baptist Church, Boubonnais, IL