I Corinthians 1:27

       Everyone loves a good David and Goliath story… when the small guy stands up to the bigger guy!  We enjoy watching people and teams, that seem to have no chance at winning, give it their best shot against a much tougher competitor.  The classic Cinderella stories of a guy with a bad past but was still able to accomplish great things!  We enjoy these stories.They encourage us and make us feel like anything is possible!
       Although we all enjoy a good underdog story; most people don’t actually enjoy being the underdog.  Unfortunately, as you look at the world around us, it’s pretty easy to see that Christians are the underdogs in society.  But there is good news… God is a fan of underdogs!  In fact, he actually prefers them! “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” (1 Corinthians:1:27) As Christians, we have a huge task ahead of us!  God has given us the job of telling the whole world the gospel so that they might be saved.  On top of that, he expects us to preach and teach against sin, live a life of separation, and be a light in this dark world.  There is no doubt that we need more young people surrendering their lives to full time service.  God has a plan for your life!  Allow him to use you to do great things! Think you can’t do it?  Worried that you have messed up too much for God to use you?  Scared to talk in front of people?  Join the club!  I’ve never met a preacher that felt like he was ready when he answered the call to preach.  It’s normal to feel like you aren’t worthy or capable of serving God in the ministry.  Did you know that God has a long history of using underdogs?  Here are just a few examples…

1) David and Goliath – In a valley full of trained Israelite soldiers, God used a small Shepard boy to defeat Goliath the giant. (I Samuel 17)

2) Moses – He escaped death as a baby, was raised by strangers, and had to run away from home to live in the backside of the desert.  He overcame all of that and was still used to deliver God’s children from Egypt, part the Red Sea, bring down the Ten Commandments, and to write the first 5 books of the Bible!  Not bad for guy with a stuttering problem who had to grow up without his real parents around. (Exodus 3)

3) Paul – Talk about an underdog!  When we first read about Paul (aka Saul), he was about as far from God as you could get.  He was literally in charge of killing people who claimed to be Christians!  Guess what?  God used him for miracles, witnessing to kings, writing many books in the new testament, and encouraging fellow believers as a missionary across several different countries. (Acts 9)

       If God can use a Shepard boy to slay a giant, a stuttering Jew to free his people, and a man who murders Christians to be a great soul-winner… God can definitely use you! Remember, God created you (problems and all).  He knows exactly what you are capable of!  Don’t worry about your weaknesses, God already has a plan for them!  As an underdog, you only have one job to do… commit yourself and give it everything you got!  God will take care of the rest! 


Ty Campbell
Youth Pastor | Hillcrest Bible Baptist