Getting Teens to Camp

1. Be excited about going to camp.

2. Begin announcing about camp early.

3. Talk to them personally about going to camp.

4. Talk about the fun things at camp.

5. Have work projects for them to earn their way. It will always mean more and build the excitement when they have to work for it.

6. Keep parents informed.

7. Talk about what goes on at camp and have others give personal testimonies about camp.

8. Prepare handouts promoting camp and get a list of things to take to camp.

9. Show a camp DVD or have someone come and present the camp.

10. Start early on helping them get proper clothing.

11. Spending time weeks and months ahead building positive benefits about camp.

12.Have others give testimonies that made decisions at camp.

13. Put camp pictures up in your classroom and on your bus.

14. Set time aside to go with them or let them know who is going to camp with them. Parents not knowing who is going to camp with them will discourage them about allowing their children to go.

15.Always be positive and informative.

Bro. Dave Smith

Camp Director | Circle C Baptist Ranch