Get Off The Couch!

This is an activity that we did six years ago and are planning to do in September. Recently we had a Teen Department reunion and many of our graduated teenagers mentioned this as their favorite activity. I hope it helps. Enjoy!

Items Needed:

1 Couch Per team


To take as many different pictures with your teams couch!

This is a great team game to get your teenagers to work together! This another game that your teenagers will never forget and the pictures will make great memories. Remind every one to have fun and get involved! The better the pictures the more point you can get! Be crazy and have fun!


  • Enter all Business Slowly
  • Be nice and polite
  • If needed explain, where you are from and what you are doing
  • Everyone must be in pictures
  • People in pictures cannot be from our church
  • Be careful loading/unloading couch
  • Remember to represent Christ and not be rude

Here are the different things that we did that the teams could get point for:

1000 with cows or horses

1000 with street performer

1000 with a stop sign

500 in front of a furniture store

2500 for most creative person on the couch

500 with WalMart/Kmart sign

1000 by a cross (not at our church)

2000 by a Bus ( not at our church)

1500 in front of youth pastor’s house

2000 in Walmart

2000 in Chick-fil-A store with Employee

1500 in Meijer Parking lot

2000 with airplane

1000 with farm tractor

2500 with Bro. Tyra

2000 at Rupp Arena

1000 with Manager of Taco Bell

1500 in bank drive thru

1500 at gas pump with stranger

2000 in a U-haul

2000 with stranger on their yard

1000 for every stranger on the Couch

500 for every stranger

1000 for person wearing a cowboy hat

1000 for police officer in uniform

2000 in a drive thru

1500 pizza place

5000 on water

1000 at a working water fountain

1000 at a historical marker

2000 on a roof

1000 on merry go round

2500 most creative place

1000 with classic car

2000 on a field/court during a real game

2000 a pastor’s home

1500 at a deacon’s house

1000 at a fire department 500 in a coffee shop

2000 in the Mall food court

2000 in Canes With Employee