Balloon Shave

Balloon Shave is a game that takes the boring and monotonous task of shaving and puts a whole new spin on it. The idea is that it is important to be very careful when shaving so that you do not cut yourself. This idea is carried through in this awesome game that will bring your teens to life.



Shaving cream

trash bags

paper towels


This game is too easy by itself so it needs some help! Take the razors before the game and use a screw driver to break and bend the blades so that the have sharp edges. This will make it more difficult to shave the balloon.


Blow up the balloons to a decent size, not to big or small. For easy clean up, open trash bags and put them on the floor. Give Each contestant one balloon (you can have as many contestants as you want). Spread the shaving cream on the balloons and give each contestant a razor and have them shave the balloons. To win, have a time limit and whoever has the cleanest balloon in that amount of time wins. You can also use the crowd to determine who has the cleanest balloon by cheering for the person who has the cleanest balloon. Have the paper towels available so that they can wipe the shaving cream off their razors. Have your cameras ready because there are going to be some priceless faces as when the balloons pop! Let The Shaving Cream Fly!!!