Filling up your Sunday school class

Luke 14:23 “And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel ( them ) to come in, that my house may be filled.”

In this passage of scripture the Lord, or master sends his servants out. The Lord in this passage is of course the Lord Jesus Christ and the servants are you and I. The lord sends the servants to the highways and hedges to compel people to come.

God is telling us here that He wants us to go out to every part of the city, every person in our city and compel to come to church. The reason for this sending is so the house may be filled. Why? God would like to see your Sunday School class filled. God loves seeing our church building filled. God loves seeing our parking lot filled. God enjoys seeing his house filled. I fear that sometimes we get comfortable and complacent and we are happy having a certain number of attendance, but I believe the Bible teaches us that God wants us to work to have our classes filled.

I would like to give you some practical tips on ” where to find Good Prospects for your Sunday School Class”.

1. House to house soul winning this is a Bible method.

Acts says ” Daily and from house to house” If you are looking for prospects for your class, go out soulwinning and start looking for prospects for your class. Knock on doors and introduce yourself, “Hello, Im so and so and I’m a Sunday School teacher at Clays Mill Baptist Church, I teach the so and so class. If that person doesn’t fit your age group or class stigma, pass that prospect card along to the proper class.  Some people wont go soul winning unless they have a prospect card. Did you know what the prospect cards looked like in the new testament looked like? They were 6 foot tall and 3 feet wide with knobs on them, and we call them doors. They went out door knocking and that was their prospects cards.

2. Visiting On a Bus route.

Every Sunday School teacher here meets the requirement’s to work and visit on a bus route. I guarantee you that your bus director would not mind having more people visit and work on the bus routes you could visit and invest in children and their parents to get them into there Sunday School class.

3. Watch for Visitors in the church service.

Now, there are many people in our church services that come to Sunday school. But on average Sunday there are about 75 people that come to church, but are not in Sunday school. These are hot prospects. They are all ages. There are moms, dads, singles, young married couples, boys girls, teenagers, and senior citizens that come into the service, that were not in Sunday . Every church service, when we have our hand shaking time, you should look for visitors that were not in your Sunday school class find them greet them, love them and compel them to come to your Sunday school class.

4. Ask those in your class for prospects.

The best producer of young children is other young children. The best producer of teenagers is other teenagers the best producer for young adults is other young adults etc… ask and prob for the friends and relatives, and neighbor of your class members. Then when you visit them., mention their friend, relative or neighbor that is in your class.

5. Pray and ask God to help you find prospects.

You can pray in your car, chair, office, couch, and just about anywhere.

6. When your driving, watch for signs of prospects.

As you drive through the city, look for signs of prospects for your class.  childrens classes: Swing sets, toys in yard, bicycles (this means kids or a man that has not grown up. )  Teen classes: Basketball goals, bicycles an extra car. etc.. College classes: Houses close university, Apartments, and (Pizza boxes in the trash cans)  Adult classes: Adults Classes: Mini Vans, SUVs, Duplexes, Trailer parks, subdivisions. God wants us to go out and compel people to come in, that his house might be filled. How do we fill his house? We can fill our Sunday school classes!