Falling in God’s Presence

In Exodus 4-5 Moses looked at his circumstance and his own ability and then questioned God — while in the presence of God… he doubted what God could do through him based on his surroundings and his own capabilities.

In Matthew 14:22-36 Peter looked at Jesus and what Jesus could do, and he walked on water! But when Peter looked at his circumstance and took his eyes off Jesus, he began to sink.

These men were literally feet away from the LORD Himself! Feet away from The GREAT I AM! No matter how close we are to God, when we look at our circumstances and our inabilities, we doubt God. BUT when we look at God and what He can do, our faith is increased and the possibilities are unimaginable! 

GOD IS GREATER than your circumstance. HE is able and HE can do it! Purpose to keep your eyes on God and what HE can do today! 

Don’t ask, what can YOU do for God? Ask, What can HE do through you? There is no telling the miracles that can take place if we just trust, submit, and obey, praying and believing that He is able!

Miss Rema Masarweh

Pastor Fugate’s secretary

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church