1 Timothy 1:12 “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;”

Glenn and his brother Floyd were both in charge of getting to the school house early to light the fire. One morning, while they were doing their job, the schoolhouse caught on fire. The fire took Floyd’s life and disabled Glenn badly. Glenn woke up in the hospital with bandages all over his legs. The fire burned away all the nerves that were in his legs. The doctors and specialists said there was no hope and tried to get them to amputate the legs. Glenn begged “NO”, and so his parents decided that they would not amputate his legs. Glenn laid there as an invalid, with his legs like twisted sticks, his knees and shins bare of flesh, and his toes on his left foot completely gone. Months later, the bandages were taken, and his parents began to rub his legs every day till they could not rub any more, but there were no improvements. For weeks, Glenn tried to stand up with determination, but his legs buckled.

After months of determination, he stood on his own two feet for a few seconds. His mom and Dad wept as they watched him struggle. He began to exercise and eat healthy, and as months passed on, walking became normal, but he continued to limp. He began to try to exercise to get rid of his limp. He began to run everywhere he went!! It was said of him. “He never walked when he could run.” Glenn began running track and pushing himself more and more. He eventually went to Kansas University and traveled around the world, as he could run almost a four minute mile. His record, which was a world record at the time, was 4 minutes and 4.4 seconds. He refused to be disabled!!!

Like Glenn, we were disabled in sin, but Jesus has enabled us by his sacrifice on the cross. Even though Christ has enabled us by trusting in his Holy Spirit power, I fear many times we walk in the flesh without His presence. When we walk in our own power, we are disabling the help God wants to give us!


Joel Fuagte | Assistant Pastor
Clays Mill Baptist Church
Lexington, KY