Be the first contestant to finish eating the doughnut.

Items Needed:

Doughnuts normal sized

Yarn or String

Broom handles/ sticks

two chairs

 How to Play:

For this game you will need two teams of two contestants each. Have one contestant for each team sit in a chair facing the crowd. The other contestant on each team will stand behind the seated contestant. Give each contestant a fishing pole. To make the “fishing pole,” take a broom handle and tie the string or yarn to one end of the broom handle and at the other end of the string tie a doughnut. The contestant will hold the broom handle at the opposite side of where the string is and attempt to feed their teammate the doughnut without the seated player using their hands. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can use powdered doughnuts. The seated contestant will end up with powder all over their faces. Makes for great teen pictures!