Don’t Cut the Lifeboats

Passage: Acts 24:30-44

Romans 14:7 “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.”

From our Bible reading today, which you did read right?  I know you that you are wise enough and spiritual enough not to skip over the most important part of the devotion which is the Bible reading!  (Yes, I’ve done it too, just helping you out)  Anyway, from our Bible reading today Paul and his shipmates were in a mess.  He was being taken from Israel to Rome to stand trial.  They got caught up in a bad storm and after 14 days they thought for sure they were all dead men.  But never count God out!  God had a plan for Paul and not even all the fury of the seas could drown out God’s plan.  The ship was guided by the unseen hand of God to an island.  As they got close the sailors wanted to abandon ship to save their own lives.  Paul told the soldiers that if the sailors left none of them would survive. To insure the sailors stayed they cut off the lifeboats.

Now I’m no sailor but I’m pretty sure that when you are in a ship they include the lifeboats for emergencies, like being shipwrecked!   Sure enough in just a short time they were shipwrecked and I bet someone sure regretted cutting off the lifeboats!  

Sadly we act like the soldiers and cut off the very lifeboats that God has providentially provided for our safety in the storm.  Too many young people push away their parents and family only to find themselves stranded in the midst of the storms of life.  Every year countless people put down their Bible and walk away from church and their family of faith only to be swamped by the rain of life’s trials.

Young person listen to me: you need the lifeboats!  The storms of life are coming and God has given you parents, pastors, friends and other Christians to be there to help you through the tough times of life.  You may be tempted by the Devil to cut off the lifeboats but don’t listen to him, don’t cut off the lifeboats!

 Don’t cut off the lifeboats that God has placed in your life, you just never know when you might need one!

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Robert Pophal

Associate | Youth Pastor

Open Door Baptist Church of Lima, Ohio