Don’t Bury Your Talent

Matthew 25:25 “And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.”

Teenager, one day you will give an account to God for what you did with the ability and talents that He gave you. It is a shameful that many decide that they will use their abilities for themselves and for their own gain instead of for God. In doing, so they become their own god serving themselves and not the One who gave them the talent.

But then there are those that will not flat out say, “I am doing my own thing.”, but will use the same excuse as the unprofitable servant in Christ’s parable. His excuse was I was afraid. Maybe that is you today, afraid to use your God-given talent of singing, or the ability to play an instrument. Perhaps, you could teach a class or work with kids on a bus route, but you are afraid to lead that class or the songs. You may have the talent of coordination or organization. We all have the ability and responsibility to be a soulwinner.  You say, “Not me, I can’t do that.” If you can speak, you can win someone to Christ. The problem is you are afraid. Overcome the fear of being rejected. It is okay if you make a mistake out soulwinning or forget what to say. They are already going to hell. You cannot mess them up any more than that. Most people are so afraid of failure that they will not even try. That is nothing short of pride. Whether you are the servant with five talents or two they both receive the same answer. You may not be the most talented one in the youth group, but you can be faithful.



 Brock Henry / Youth Pastor

Faith Baptist Church 

Richmond, KY