Drink the liquids


Solo cups, 4 inch pvc pipes that will fit a persons forearm, Rain ponchos, Safety Goggles, Four Mystery Drinks (pop, Jello-y liquid, kool-aid, milkshake), Kiddy pools or tarps.
How to Play:
Put two contestants on either end of a table. On the table place 4 mystery drinks on the end of the table. The contestants, who now have on a rain poncho and safety googles (which the googles make them look way funnier), are given the pvc pipe to place on their arm. They must then use that one arm that has the PVC on it to drink the drinks. This feat is very hard because the pvc does not allow them to bend their arms. Eventually the kids end up dumping the drinks into their mouths and on their face. This is a ton of entertainment for your youth group!!!