Be the last man standing!

Items Needed:

Dodge ball, and large space

How To Play:

Each Player gets a number. All the players stand in a circle about four feet from the ball, which is set in the middle. The game host calls out a random number. The player whose number is called must run toward the ball. As soon as the player picks up the ball the other players, who are running as far away from the ball as they can!, must stop running. (It is up to the game host to say stop) The Player who now has the ball must throw it at one of the other players who are frozen in their place. If the thrower hits the frozen contestant then the frozen contestant gets one point, but if the thrower misses the player, the thrower gets two points. The frozen players are NOT allowed to dodge AT ALL!!! After this is done the players gather again in a circle and the previous thrower tosses the ball in the air while he calls out the next players number (He can not call his own number again). This is repeated. The players are eliminated if their score reaches 5. Once there are two players the game is over and the player with the lesser score wins. If there is a tie, the game host has the two contestants gather back to back and throws the ball in the air and calls out out a random number. The game plays as normal until one player receives a point.

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church