Do You Need A Deep Spring Cleaning

As spring approaches, I look forward to opening the windows for fresh air, seeing nature come to life, and spring cleaning. What kind of spring cleaning do you do? Do you continue your normal cleaning routine as spring comes and goes? Do you do the deep spring cleaning like window washing, carpet shampooing, and cleaning the duct work? Maybe your children cringe to hear you exclaim, “It’s spring cleaning,” because they know your are serious about in-depth cleaning? To deep clean our homes, we evaluate the areas that need addressed most, plan the strategy, plan extra time and do some strenuous work to get that sparkly clean home.

How about our spiritual lives? Do you clean yourself spiritually with just the normal routine of Sunday and Wednesday church your daily Bible reading checklist, or do you sometimes dig deep in the Scripture to clean out all the dirt, sin, and selfishness that piles up? Deep cleaning the sin that has become habit or justified in our life is hard work! We have to evaluate the areas that need addressed most, plan the tools we will use to accomplish this cleaning, allow more time to become as much like Christ as we can in that process. I want to share some deep spring cleaning ideas you can apply to your life for the purpose of improving your marriage. Whether you are married or not, though, these Biblical principles apply to every Christian woman. As springtime approaches, and your are preparing for spring cleaning your home, let’s prepare to use God’s Word to deep clean our lives.


Proverbs 25:28 “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”

As a woman reading this article, in the Christian Growth Magazine, you are probably seeking spiritual growth, inspiration, or encouragement to help you grow as a Christian, or maybe you are seeking comfort to help you through a trial or soothe a wounded, troubled heart. Spiritual growth such as reading your Bible, praying, being faithful to church, serving others, and helping others is important. How much attention is given to specifically improve yourself as a wife? As a wife, or future wife, have you done any deep cleaning with God’s Word for the sole purpose of improving your marriage lately?

It’s amazing how much more wonderful! Being faithful to church, serving in ministries, and helping others are important. Honestly though, ladies, as wives we can get so busy doing things for the Lord that we neglect our husbands. Don’t let this happen! Your husband needs you to be his helpmeet, and God’s Word can help you stay on track or get back on track. Do you pray  for God to clean up your husband’s weakness while overlooking you own dirt? We all have room for improvement. Our husbands aren’t perfect, and we aren’t either! In the past, I shamefully admit that I have been guilty of nagging and even belittling my husband. God had to use a difficult trial to show me the damage of these actions. Though I loved my husband 100%, when I treated him this way, in his eyes, my love and actions did not match.

Ladies, pay special attention to your spirit. For instance, you know you should forgive others whey they offend you or hurt your feelings, but how well do you apply that in everyday life with your husband? Begin evaluating the presence of the fruits of the spirit in your life. You may need to do some specific deep cleaning in this area to find those fruits. It has been said that the woman controls the spirit in the home. “When Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” That is certainly true in my home! Let’s let personal spiritual growth be the first thing we begin deep cleaning this spring.

Mrs. Susan Hall | Youth worker

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church