Do You Love Your Bible Like You Love Your Cell Phone?

Psalms 119:14 I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all riches.

What would it look like if you loved your Bible as much as your cell phone?  If every teen loved their Bible like their cellphone, then…

You Would Be Glued to the Bible – It is a worldwide phenomenon with smart phones.  People are glued to them day and night.  People sleep with their phones!  How many Christians are so excited to hear from God that they sleep with their Bible?

You Would Cherish the Bible–  The average parent today uses the cell phone as their ultimate leverage tool.  Imagine if you loved the Bible so much you begged your parents not to ground you from it for a week!  I once played a prank on our teen class by grabbing an old phone out of a teenager’s hand, (which I had given to them earlier) ripped it in half and threw it against a wall.  The look of horror and anger on some of the teen’s faces was priceless.  Would I have gotten the same response if it was a Bible?

You Would Consult the Bible – I must admit that I’m spoiled by my smart phone.  I ask google questions all day long.  All the info we need and want is at our finger tips.  If we loved our Bible like our cell phone we would look for the answers to life’s questions and quandaries in its pages.

You Would Never Forget the Bible – I have yet to find phones left all over the pews and teen room on a weekly basis like Bibles.  We would know where our Bible was at every second of every day.

You Would Pay to Replace It – I recently lost my phone for about an hour and was very relieved to find it.  I was already mentally prepared to pay the full replacement cost of several hundred dollars for a new one.  What if replacing your Bible cost you $400 to $600, would you pay it?  Would be unwilling to live without your Bible like your phone?  When the Bible was first being translated into English several hundred years ago people would rent the Bible by the hour to read at a very high cost.


Robert Pophal
Associate | Youth Pastor
Open Door Baptist Church
Lima, Ohio