Distortion Zone Christians

Psalm 73:22 “So foolish was I, and ignorant: I was as a beast before thee.”

Do you know what the phrase “Distorted Reality” means? It means that someone has been convinced that something is true even though it’s not. Imagine if someone was made to believe that water was a deadly toxic substance. Someone tries to hand them a drink of water and they throw it on the ground in horror. Their mom tells them to take a shower and they hide under their bed. A friend asks them to go swimming and they run away screaming. After just one day they would believe that everyone is out to kill them! They have been made to believe a lie that affects everything they do.

Most Christian teens (and adults) live their Christian lives in a cloud of the devil’s distorted reality. They have believed the lies of the devil about being a Christian, and so they view what is good for them like loving God, going to church, and reading the Bible as terrible. They also view everything that is really bad for them like smoking, drinking, immoral sex, pornography, rock and roll music, and immoral entertainment as something good. Christians living in the “Distortion Zone” begin to look at being a Christian like being in jail. Their parents are their wardens and their pastors are the correction officers. They look out the bars of their youth group and long for the “freedom” offered by Satan to be like other teens who have no rules and no consequences for their sins. They begin to hate their God-given protectors, as if they were captors, and rebel against everything that is asked of them.

Teens, don’t drink the devil’s cool aid! He’s a liar! He’s on his way to hell and he knows it, and he wants to make your life a mess. Stop living in the devil’s distortion zone. Wake up and see the Christian life exactly for what it is:The Best Life EVER!

Robert Pophal
Senior Pastor | Rose Park Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan