Get The Most Points
Items Needed:
Printed Pictures Of Famous Paintings, Projector, (Cluster)** not needed but helpful see bottom of article for details
How To Play:
Divide your youth group into two teams. Each team is then competing to make the best pictures. Except this is not Pictionary it is Depictionary, so in this game the teams don’t draw they get to depict it with themselves. Give each team a pack pictures of famous paintings. Their goal is to reenact the picture with some of their teammates as the famous people in painting. Both teams have the same list and must try to get as many pictures of their teammates reenacting the paintings as they can before the time runs out! Points are awarded for every picture that the team submits. Once the time has ended all teams must have submitted as many pictures as they have. At least two members of the group must be present in the picture. All contestants from your team must be in at least 1 picture! Any pictures submitted after the time do not count! Points are also subtracted per minute that a team is not back to the designated return area. 
Once both teams are there have a projector set up where you can show all the pictures. Have both teams vote for the best picture and then get the workers\parents who are helping to vote which team has the best picture.
Whichever team has the most points is the winner!!!
This can be done on your church campus or it can be done around your town. Either way is a blast for your youth group. If done around town you will want the timer to be at least 1 hour. If on your church campus the timer should be no more than 1 hour.
Here is a starter list of good paintings so show and depict…..
1. Washington Praying At Valley Forge
2. The Last Supper
3. American Gothic
4. Freedom From Want – Rockwell
5. Saying Grace – Rockwell
6. The Runaway – Rockwell
7. Washington Crossing The Delaware
8. The Dugout – Rockwell
Cluster is a free picture app that anyone can download or access from the internet so no download necessary! The YP can set up a group an account and then send the login to all the teens who can submit pictures to that group. It is free and groups can send in their photos to the group while they are out and about!