Dealing With A Hardened Heart

Mark 6:52 “For they considered not the miracle of the loaves; for their heart was hardened”

This miracle is quite amazing! There were 5,000 men beside others that were there. Jesus tells the disciples to feed them but all they have available is 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. That is not enough for the disciples, let alone the multitudes before them. Jesus had them sit in groups of 50 and 100 and he blessed the food and instructed them to give it to them. They did, and ALL of them were FILLED and there were 12 baskets of the fragments that remained! Wow! What a mighty work of God right before them and using their hands to fulfill the task. And yet, their hearts were hardened. They considered not what had happened with them, before them and from the hand of the Lord Jesus. What caused this condition of a hardened heart? Let me point out quickly it was not because of sin or laziness. It was not because of a backslidden condition they were in. The truth is Рthey were simply tired. It MUST be stated that to get a hard heart is not sin РHowever, to allow a heart to stay this way spells danger in the near future. There are five things I do when my heart gets hardened:

1. Recognize It.

We must pay attention to the condition of our heart. We cannot ignore it anymore than we can ignore the fuel gauge of our automobile. We must pay attention. What is your response to souls being saved? Do you have a burden now to see someone saved through your life, your ministry and your prayers? We must recognize and admit the condition of our heart.

2. Rest.

In verse 30 the Lord Jesus describes the kind of rest that they needed. They did not need to take time in a carnal or sinful setting. They did not need to be entertained. Many people go on a vacation and check out of being a Christian. We need to pay attention to the wording and description of this rest that Jesus prescribed.

3. Refill it.

You and I are givers. We invest our lives and our time into others on a regular basis. We teach, preach, counsel and love others. We cannot give spiritual and refill carnally! We must refill with the things that we give. Oh how we need the word of God to fill our hearts and our minds.

4. Remember what God has done.

Spend some time thinking of all the mighty works of God in your life and your church.

5. Recognize that source of real joy.

Once you have tasted the joys of serving Jesus there is nothing in this world that will satisfy you and provide for you the joy that we have in the will of God.

-Pastor Jeff Fugate

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church