Dead End Twice

Proverbs 3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”
         Our youth group was packed onto one of our buses and we were merrily on our way to “the Stadium.” An exciting night was ahead there for us at this new sports center just 20 minutes north of our church. Myself and our teens couldn’t wait to enjoy pizza, pop, indoor soccer, laser tag, rock climbing and arcade games. Just after leaving the church an accident up ahead backed traffic up for what looked like miles. To avoid it I turned around to head another way. One of our teen girls insisted she knew a shortcut that would take us to another road heading toward “the Stadium.” After trying a couple of other routes and losing precious time I took her advice. As the road kept getting narrower and narrower I began to wonder if she was right. Sure enough, she wasn’t. What a wonderful time we had trying to turn around a bus in the black darkness on a narrow country dead end road and our reserved time was ticking away. I was not a happy camper. Hang on- the story gets better. Trying to make up time I pushed the speed limit to its max and sought the advice of a faithful youth worker. He confidently told me he had lived in this area before and knew a short cut. In my frustration I took his advice. Our destination could be seen off in the distance, but as we drove down this road it became sadly clear what the huge sign ahead of us said, “Road Closed.”
         I just could not believe it! How can you go down two wrong roads in one night? I’ll tell you how! By taking direction from people who really do not know for sure where the road leads you. Teenager, as mad as I was that night we were able to turn around, finally make it to “the Stadium” only 15 minutes late and the manager graciously gave us an extra half hour of time free. Things worked out that night but many times in life you cannot go back and damage cannot be undone by a wrong turn. Make sure the Lord is the one you get directions from each time you make critical decision at life’s intersections. Acknowledge Him and you will be on the right road for sure.

Bro. Ed Schwarz

Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Road Baptist Church

Commonwealth Baptist College