Dangers of the Decline

II Samuel 11
We all know the story of David and Bathsheba. It is one of the most well known failures ever recorded. We read of a King, who is not only a Christian, but a man after God’s own heart. So how did the same “Man after God’s own heart” become a murder and adulterer? How did David go from one end of the spectrum to the exact opposite? David was just as susceptible to one end of the spectrum as he was the other. Just like David, we are susceptible to both ends of the spectrum. No one is excluded from temptation. Even the most spiritual people we know are only one decision away from the same decline of sin that David fell in. There is much we can learn from this passage of Scripture. Maybe you have been battling temptation. Maybe you have been trying to break free from the decline. Maybe you sometimes feel as if you are just running in circles. Making no progress in living the clean Christian life. There are several dangers that we encounter in the decline of sin.

1. The Decline of Sin Commences with Complacency – Verses 1-2

It all begins in verse one of chapter 11. We see that the armies of Israel are hard at work in fighting the enemy. As the king, David would normally go with the armies and lead these intense battles. It was something he was especially gifted at. However, David makes the decision to stay behind this time, and the Bible says that “David tarried” at home in Jerusalem. Without a doubt, this was a moment of complacency in David’s life. If you get anything from this article…get this one thing: the worst decisions you will make in your teenage (and adult) life will begin with moments of complacency. We sometimes can find ourselves in a good place. We read our Bibles pretty regularly. We have a good reputation in the youth group and church. We sing in the choirs, go teen soul winning, work on a bus route…we’re actually doing pretty good! If you’re not careful, you will get to the same place David got to, and you will “Tarry.” Thoughts like, “I can miss my Bible reading just this once…” “…Missing one night of teen soul winning won’t kill me…” “…I hear preaching all the time. I don’t really have to pay close attention to every sermon I hear…” creep in, and you DISENGAGE just like David did. But disengaging from just one “battle” is all it takes. It’s all it took for David.

2. The Decline of Sin is Continued with Curiosity – Verse 3

In verse 3, we see that David “Enquires” or seeks information about Bathsheba. His complacency has now developed into curiosity. We get to the same point. We begin to “Enquire.” Curiosity is sparked and now we wonder, “How far can I take this?” “Can I get away with this?” Have you been there? ARE you there now? What do your parents not know? What are you hiding from your pastor/youth pastor? Have you been curious? Let me lovingly say that it will never stop there if don’t put an end to the curiosity.

3. The Decline of Sin Corrupts the Clean – Verse 4

The fact that Bathsheba was purified made her even more enticing to David. And our sinful flesh is the same way. The flesh has an innate desire to corrupt the clean much more than to dabble in the unclean. We are strongly enticed to pollute the unpolluted. Please hear me out. At this point in time you are at a major crossroad. You can either decide to turn away, or you will take the first of many steps down this life destroying road. If you are here, please turn back now! Seek help from your parents, pastor or youth pastor! Clean up will be much easier now than it will be if you continue. There is irreparable damage ahead…avoid it. But David didn’t turn away. He gave in. The next danger we have is…

4. The Decline of Sin Conceives Consequences – Verse 5

Bathsheba informs David “I am with child.” We now see the inward sin come to fruition. What was an act of secrecy has now developed into a public consequence. Know this, teenager…our secret sins are no secret to God. There are always consequences. Now things get messy.

5. The Decline of Sin Conceals the Chaos – Verses 6-21

Things really take a turn for the worst in David’s life. In an attempt to cover up his wrong doings, he only does more wrong. Sin always leads to more sin. He ends up murdering the husbandof the woman he committed adultery with. Not only has he defiled a pure marriage, but now he has blood on his hands. When you begin to walk down this path, you will find yourself imprisoned to this method. Sin covers up sin just as much as dirt covers up dirt.

6. The Decline of Sin Concludes with Crying – Verses 22-27

When Bathsheba finds out that her husband was killed, she weeps. This lesson is so vital. There are no parachutes in the free fall of sin. The fall may be fun, but free falling is only fun until you hit bottom. I pray that if you haven’t began the decline we talked about today, than you will stay clean. It all starts with point number one. Don’t get complacent! If you are at the crossroad in point number 3, turn away! Seek help! Lastly, if you hit bottom…know this. Despite the damage done. God can still heal you. Seek counsel. Cling to Christ.

Nick White | Pastor

Victory Baptist Church