This is an awesome activity for your youth group if you’re tired of playing the same games over and over. Change it up. Get a little CRAZY
Crazy Baseball
need a baseball diamond (make your own to play indoor) bases are available at 5 below
rules same as baseball
– use different sized soft childs bats (for indoor) (plastic  bats, tennis rackets for small balls, ect)
– use different sized balls (nerf, blow up beach balls, ect.)
– change the direction of the runners at the end of games. (1st, 2nd, 3rd then 3rd, 2nd, 1st and then even 2nd, 1st, 3rd)
Krazy Kickball
Same rules as kickball
change the balls use the widest range of balls you have light, dense, small, large
Soccer relay race
you can use bases as your course make teams race in opposite directions around the bases using only their feet to move the ball.
Frisbee target
can use frisbee or balls
Set up a target whether a trash can or whatever you want and have them try to get frisbees or balls in the target
give points accordingly
Paul Gelhausen
Youth Pastor | Central Baptist Churc
Avenel, New Jersey