This “mystery box” cooking competition doesn’t actually eliminate any teams….or involve any cooking.  But we had a blast!  Teams were assigned to create one dessert and one non-dessert with their items.

When asked if they had to use every item, we said it could be worth extra points.

Box 1–Strawberries, banana bread, 1 can beans, 1 can corn, mint patties, animal crackers, string cheese, tortilla chips
Box 2–Strawberries, banana bread, tomatoes, cream cheese, cucumber, spinach, graham crackers, chopped chocolate
Box 3–Strawberries, banana bread, chocolate pudding, coconut, refried beans, tortillas, Oreos, cheddar cheese

They all got a cutting board, 2 steak knives, 2 bowls, and 2 plates per team.

Then everyone had access to: salt, pepper, sugar, butter, olive oil, utencils, a can opener, the microwave and a blender.

Want to know what they all came up with?

Box 1–They made a dip by blending then microwaving their beans and string cheese together and adding the corn.  They melted the mint patties, dipped the strawberries in it and covered them with crushed animal crackers.

Box 2–They cut the tops of their tomatoes, scooped them out to make a little cup and filled it with a salad of spinach, strawberries and cucumber.  They mixed cream cheese with sugar, formed it into a ball and rolled it in chopped chocolate to serve with banana bread slices and graham cracker pieces.

Box 3–They made a bean and cheese burrito with spinach on the side and a chilled pie where the crust was made from banana bread crumbs, butter and coconut, and the filling was pudding with crushed Oreos mixed in.

Leaders sampled all the items and we said what we loved about each one.