Can You Feel It?


Guess what you’re standing in



4 Throw Away Trays/Pans, 4 Blindfolds, 8 towels, Coffee Jar of raw Horse/Cow Manure (Yes, you read that correctly), 4 small supplies of the following foods/items: ice, Jello, peaches, mashed potatoes

How to Play:

Line up all of your trays next to each other with the foods/items separated into each tray. Make it easy for your participants to guess. Fill the first tray with iced water. Next the jello, then the peaches, then lastly, the mashed potatoes – For a better reaction, warm them up before the gametime. 🙂
Lay a towel before each tray, so the mess will be contained. Participants can wipe their feet inbetween trays. Give them a towel to clean off their feet afterwards.
How to Play:
Choose 4 participants to go outside, be blindfolded, and take off their shoes and socks. They will be sent in one at a time. (You’ll need some helpers to guide them in the building and towards the stage/platform.)
Explain to the participant that their objective is to guess what is in the trays by only feeling it with their feet. Encourage them to keep their nose open so it can help them guess more easily.
Each participant must step into the tray, and accurately guess what it is by only feeling it with their bare feet. (DON’T TELL THEM IT’S ALL FOOD.)
Hold the mic close, and get each of their reactions to be audible thru the sound system. Help them out if needed, and give hints.
When they reach the last tray (which is mashed potatoes,) in the brief second of them stepping in and feeling the potatoes, hold up the coffee can of the raw, putrid, smelly horse manure under their nose, then replace with the mic. The reaction will be priceless!
I did this game in a Youth Rally, and I chose all Youth Pastors to be the participants. For some reason or another, ALL FOUR of them had NO sense of smell. I don’t know if that’s something that happens to us all when we get older, but that was my biggest con. But some played along anyway, and it still worked. If I could do it over again, I’d use jr. high-aged kids who will overreact. Maybe a few older ones.