Can God?

Ps 78:19 “Yea, they spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?”
         One of the worse things you can do is NOT believe God. The children of Israel did not believe that God could provide or take care of them as they were going into a new land. Their unbelief according to the Word of God limited Him in what He could do with them. It is a very sad statement, yet how many times have we limited God with our unbelief? Next time you are wondering if God can, just remember God CAN!
God CAN:
1 Save
Salvation is of the Lord. He is the one that has provided us the opportunity of the free gift of salvation. In verse 22 it says that the children of Israel did not trust in the salvation of the Lord. This is a sad statement because Christ is the only way we have salvation. They had lost track of the Lord’s promise and were relying on themselves for salvation. What a blessing to know that God Can give salvation!

2 Supply
       Often times we worry about ourselves and what will we eat or wear or drink. (Matt. 6:31-34) God says that He will supply all our need according to His riches in glory, so why then do we constantly worry and think about these things. God will always provide the means for us to have food, water, and clothes. If we do not it is not that God hasn’t given it to us it is that we wasted what He gave us to use for that. So often people will get money and blow it on something unnecessary, and then have the audacity to blame God for not providing for their needs. God can and will supply!

William Davis

Youth | Assistant Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church