Called To Be A Second Man

I am a firm believer that God calls men to serve. There are many areas of service, but I believe the most misunderstood calling is that of being a second man or secondary leader. Many men feel the need to be the CEO of a company, to pastor a church, to be a president of a company or a corporation or to lead a home. Too many people use the role of what I call the second man or secondary leadership as a stepping stone and not a calling. In the work of the church, the call to be a second man or an assistant pastor is almost high of a calling in God’s view as that of pastoring. For you see, the assistant pastor is merely an extension of the pastor. A supervisor is merely an extension of the boss. An administrator of a school is an extension of the superintendent. A wife is an extension of her husband.

God creates a specific person for a specific job. We often say, “Let’s find the will of God for our lives.” This means we must do our best to find that job for which God created us and do it. I am a firm believer that God creates certain people to follow and help great leaders. God gave Joshua to Moses. God gave Aaron and Hur to Moses. God gave Elisha to Elijah, and God gave Silas to Paul. We could go on and on through the Bible and see how Go gave a great man a great second man or assistant to help him.

The Bible teaches us that, as a work grows, whether it is a church, a family or business, the leader has the highest calling because he has the most responsibility. With this responsibility God will often give another man or an assistant to help that work grow beyond that of the leader himself. A church can only grow as big as its pastor unless that pastor hires the right staff to help it grow to the next level. He will hire secretaries, youth directors, bus ministers, school administrators and a variety of other people. A pastor will do this hiring in order to help the work grow beyond what he could do on his own.

The president or leader of a machine shop can only run the machines so long, and ten he must hire workers and supervisors. It then grows to first, second, and third shifts to help do the work, or the work will not grow. I believe that this second man, or secondary leader, is a very lofty position. It is a calling that many men have missed in their lives. They have missed it maybe out of pride because thy wanted the praise and accolades of man. Maybe they thought they could do more than they really could do, but they have missed it.

A great man once told me that the job of a second man is a much harder job than being the head leader. Maybe this is true because most men cannot handle the load it takes to be a good second man. Within the pages of this manuscript, we will thoroughly, but not exhaustively look at the role of what it takes to be a good second man or secondary leader. The principles in this book can be applied to the church ministry, the family, the business or any leadership-followship position that you may face in life.

These principles will apply to all areas and ages life. I hope and pray that these principles will not only aid you in your followship, but in your leadership as well. I hope that the principles of these pages and the experience of the practice of these principles will not only revolutionize your home, church, and business, but also, that your life will personally be enriched beyond words.

I have spent over twenty years learning to apply these principles to my life. I am not the best example, but God has allowed me to serve under some very great men. I have watched many great leaders and many great assistants from all walks of life in the last twenty years. Some of these lessons I have learned by not doing it will the first time. Some of these things have been leaned by following the advice of many wise men.

Each person and each situation is unique, but the principles in this book will apply in almost any situation that involves leaders and followers. No follower or “second man” needs to feel unimportant and/or unneeded. I hope that all followers and second men will find the joy in their work that I have found in mine.

Pastor Craig Bush

Grace Baptist | Martinsburg, WV

Excerpt from his book Follow the Leader