Broken Bones of the Backslider

Psa 51:8 “Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice.”

This Psalm is written directly after Nathan the prophet came and preached a fiery sermon, calling out David, his Sin, and his backsliding. He had been ignoring the sermons he heard. He had been forsaking his Bible reading, neglecting his Prayer life, and living a life of sin. Don’t judge David. You are the same way. Do you read? Do you pray? Do you walk with God? Backsliding brings with it, however, some dangerous side effects. David says that in his journey into Backsliding, he has suffered some broken bones.
I. The Funny Bone- “The Bone that Makes You Laugh and Gives You Joy”. The first thing to go when any Christian is backslid is their joy, their happiness, their Spirit, their attitude, their song. The most miserable person in the world is a Christian who is backslid on God. There is no joy in serving sin.
II. The Shoulder Bone-“The Bone with Which Much Work is Accomplished”. It is not long until your shoulder bone goes as well. You will not want to help, to take part, to pray, to read, to study, to obey, to keep the rules, to walk with God. Your shoulder bone will break and your work for God will stop.
III. The Jaw Bone-“The Bone from Which Words are Spoken”.
Backsliding breaks our jaw bone too. Backsliders always talk different. People always take the language of their surroundings. If you are around the world all the time, you will talk like the world. If you are around spiritual people all the time, you will talk spiritual. When we backslide, our words become vulgar, worldly, carnal, mean, and hateful.
IV. The Back Bone- “The Bone that Allows us to stand”.
Perhaps the most saddening of the broken bones. Young men and young ladies who have been taught right, served God, and in a good church, they begin to backslide and suddenly they are not as quick to speak up for God. They are too worried about what someone else is going to think or say about them. What happened? They backslid and broke their back bone. Who are the leaders of your youth group? Who will take a stand for God? You can heal those bones. Get right. Confess and Forsake.
William Davis

William Davis

Youth Pastor

Clays Mill Baptist Church

Lexington, KY