The Game Of Seven

Be the team to make it the farthest!

Table, 1 Bouncy Ball (Rubber Bouncy Ball or Tennis Ball or Ping Pong ball, Etc.)

Set up the table in the front of the room then divide the youth group into teams of two! each Duo will be working together to beat the other teams. This game is played one team at a time. Both players stand on opposite ends of the table.

The object of the game is to have the ball bounce the set number of times and then come off of the end of the table! For instance the first round player one must bounce the ball 1 time only and get it off the other end of the table to their teammate (if the teammate doesn't catch it they're fine its not about catching its about the bouncing). If successful their teammate will then bounce the ball back across the table, but must make the ball bounce twice before leaving the table. Play continues and each time they bounce the ball to their teammate they must go up 1 bounce per turn (turn 3 - 3 bounces, turn 4 - 4 bounces, and so on) until they reach the number seven - at which point they win unless any other team can make it to seven also.

If there is a tie and multiple teams have made it so seven let all the teams who made it to seven go again and whoever makes it the farthest is the winner. They can start back at 1 and work up to seven again. Another way if there is multiple ties is to just keep the number of bounces going higher past seven until one team wins!
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