Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Amos 6:1 "Woe to them that are at ease in Zion, and trust in the mountain of Samaria, which are named chief of the nations, to whom the house of Israel came!"

Any time God uses the word Woe, He is prescribing some serious punishment consequences for whatever sin he mentions. Here He says “Woe to them that are at Ease”. God had brought the Israelites through so much - Egypt, Wilderness, Promised Land, Battles, Kings, Captivity. And now it is as if God’s people have sit down. They were just resting and relaxing. They were at ease. Sitting down, feet up, sandwich in hand…. Comfortable. The Bible even tells us how they got comfortable.

A. They Were Comfortable Because of Security (1-2)
Trusting The Mountain of Samaria. They were protected. Fortified. Safe. There was no Pharoah, No Goliath, No Red Sea, No Fiery Serpents. If there was, it wouldn’t have effected them so who cares. They were safe and secure and COMFORTABLE.

Reminds me of Christians sometimes. God has saved our souls. Were not going to hell. God keeps our souls. Cant Fall. God Loves and Forgives. No Responsibility. And so many people think they can just live any way they want as long as they are comfortable. Things are going on, but it don’t effect me. I'm comfortable. Things are falling apart, but I'm safe. I'm good. I'm comfortable.

B. They Were Comfortable Because of Sin (3, 6, 12)
They Put away the evil day….They don’t like to talk about or hear about the judgment seat. They don’t pray for or look for the Rapture. They have forgotten all about a Heaven and a Hell. This causes the seat of violence to come….The abortion, abuse, abandonment, abduction and murder of Children. The killing, swearing, vile, wicked television shows. Then in verse 6, They drink wine in bowls….Not cups. Bowls. Lots of wine. Drunkards. They drink the beer and liquor. They have gotten so comfortable, that they are comfortable with Sin. Comfortable in a bar room environment. Comfortable with pornography. Comfortable in a room full of cussers. Comfortable with stealing. Comfortable watching wicked movies. Comfortable with fornication. Comfortable with lying. Comfortable with adultery. Comfortable with the world. Comfortable with homosexuality.

Comfortable with Sin.

C. They Were Comfortable Because of Supply (4)
Lie on Beds of Ivory, Stretch on their couches, eat their lambs and calves. They were so blessed. God had been so good to them. They had came from making the bricks in Egypt to milk and honey, and now they had so much, they got comfortable. No need for a God.

I'm a firm believer that there is nothing wrong with God’s people having nice things, but there is something wrong with nice things having God’s people. America was there and we are now coming down from our lofty perch. We have the house, car, things and stuff. We have everything you can imagine. Gone are the days when we actually prayed for God to meet our needs. We have no needs. There was a day when people prayed for the food to arrive and then prayed for God to bless it and thanked Him for providing it. But we are so comfortable today, we are in an uproar in America cause we might have to get a smaller steak.

D. They Were Comfortable Because of Songs (5)
Chanting and Inventing Music. They were comfortable with the downward spiral of the music in our homes and our churches. As long as it was song and dance, fun and games and was comfortable… count them in! But the most important thing was that they were comfortable.
But you see the things we need most and are good for us are often the most uncomfortable. Dr. Appt. Dentist Appt. Work. Exercise. I know this is not a popular subject and most of your liberal churches would never want you to know this. But Christians are most effective for God when we are uncomfortable. I have a novel idea for the 21st century church.

“Lets Get Uncomfortable”

I. Lets Get Uncomfortable About The Condition of Man
People That Are Lost: Going to Hell. Burn Forever. Fire. Torment. Weeping. Gnashing of Teeth. Bro. Davis that makes me uncomfortable….GOOD. Let that uncomfortable feeling lead you to witness this week. To give out tracts. To go Soul Winning. People That Are Backslid: They are inches from judgment tonight. God always chastises His. People Out of Church, Not Living Right, Turned Back on God: They are in trouble.

We don’t like hearing that. Lets get so uncomfortable that we pray for those that  are backslidden. Lets get so uncomfortable that we call those who have missed church. Ourselves: Lets do some self examination. Where are we spiritually? I know that makes us uncomfortable. Let that feeling help you to make a decision.

II.  Lets Get Uncomfortable About Christian Service
I will be honest and most of you know this. Its uncomfortable to come to church 3 times  a week. Pick up people for church. Its uncomfortable to go Soul Winning every week. Send out cards and letters. Its uncomfortable to work a bus route. To visit, to Call people. Its uncomfortable to teach a SS class. Tithe. Its uncomfortable to attend all the activities. Give Offering. Its uncomfortable to clean, set up chairs, to work at camp. Being a servant. Matt 16:24 Jesus said, If youre gonna follow me, pick up your cross.   That sounds a little uncomfortable.
Most people that serve God, do so even though its uncomfortable. Why? They love Jesus more than being comfortable.

III. Lets Get Uncomfortable About Being Christlike
I would rather be Christlike than comfortable. You cant always be Christlike and comfortable at the same time. Living the Christian life is not easy. I wish after salvation it was just a breeze. But its not. It is uncomfortable sometimes. Its Uncomfortable to   Not lie, Not Drink, Not Fornicate Not Cuss, Its Uncomfortable to Live Right, Look Right, Dress Right, Talk Right. Its Uncomfortable to stand against sin.  Homosexuality, Abortion, Gambling. Its Uncomfortable to say no to sin. Its uncomfortable to stand for Christ. Its Uncomfortable to witness. Its uncomfortable to pray. Its Uncomfortable to Read the Bible. Its uncomfortable to do right.

One Last Thought
Think for a moment about Jesus. He’s on the cross. He is beaten. Bloody Mess of Flesh. He is slowly dying. He was probably a little uncomfortable. He could have called legions of angels to help him get comfortable. Instead He chose to be Uncomfortable for Us. As we sit here. On padded pews.  In air conditioned building. Why don’t we choose to be Uncomfortable for Him.
Lets Get Uncomfortable. Some of us may have gotten comfortable not serving, not standing, not witnessing, Some of us may have gotten tired of standing spiritually for our families, at our jobs.

Lets Get Uncomfortable!
William Davis | Youth Pastor
Clays Mill Road Baptist Church | Lexington, KY
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