Beach Ball Bonanza

For a fun and exciting activity, we had a beach ball bonanza. Every game involved one or more beach balls. We had five games planned to take place during an hour and a half timeframe. We just took common everyday games and replaced the normal ball that you would use with beach balls.

You start by splitting your youth group into two or more teams based upon the number of teens that you have, for this activity we had 20 teens and we split them into two teams. After teens are divided up the fun begins! Here are the games we played:

1. Island Ball
a. Throughout our fellowship hall we had 5 islands taped off on the floor, each Island was approximately 10’x10’.
b. Teams were dispersed amongst the islands with some from both teams on each island. (Boys with boys / girls with girls)
c. The object is to move the beach ball from one Island to next Island, and score in their team’s goal. (One goal was set up for each team, on opposite sides of the playing area)
d. First team to 10 or the most goals scored after 7 minutes wins.
e. Start with 1 Beach ball and randomly add more as the game progresses.

2. Beach Ball Dodgeball
a. Divide playing area in two
b. Place beachballs on center line and have teens start at back line.
c. On go, have teams will rush to get the beach balls and throw them to get the other team out.
d. Just like in regular dodge ball if the throw is caught, they are out.
e. Last one standing Wins.

3. Beach Ball Relay
a. Have teams line up at start and they must carry a beach ball in varying ways from start to the other end of playing area and back.
b. If at any point the beach ball is dropped, they must restart
c. The following are ways to carry the beach ball:
i. Between the knees (guys only)
ii. Between the elbows (ladies only)
iii. Back-to-Back with a beach ball between (2 people)
iv. Side to side with a beach ball in the middle (2 people)
v. Keep in ball in the air by continually bouncing it
vi. Between 2 Pool noodles (2 People)
vii. Balanced on 1 finger

4. Sunny Beach Ball
a. Played just like a game of hot potato.
b. Have teens sit in a circle.
c. When music starts playing have them start passing the beach ball around the circle. When music stops whoever is holding the beach ball is out.
d. Keep playing until one team is left.
e. To make it more fun play with multiple beach balls.

5. Flip Flop Tennis
a. If you have a net, you can set it up (we used tables) to divide the playing area in two.
b. Divide each team into groups of 3 or 4 and give each teen a flip flop.
c. Have 1 team serve and hit the beach ball while using the flip flop as their racquet.
d. You can limit the number of hits they can take to get the ball over or you can just let them take as many as needed.
e. After each point rotate the group of teens that is playing.
f. First to 21 wins

For even more fun you can take any game that you would like and use a beach ball in place of the normal ball. Hope your teens enjoy this activity as much as mine did!
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