Chain Linked

Guess the CHAIN before the other team does!

Items Needed:
White board (dry erase marker\eraser), Word Chains - Example Below

How To Play:
Divide the youth group into two teams. The teams will compete to see who can guess the word chain correctly. a word chain is 7 words that connect to each other by connecting to the word above and below them. On the white board write out two words in the chain **the first word and the last word. One team goes first and is given the first letter to the second word in the chain. They then must try and guess the second word. If they do not guess the word correctly then the play goes to the other team and a second letter is revealed to the word and the second team gets to guess. If the first team guesses it correct fill in the word and give the team the first letter to the next word. whichever team connects the chain is the winner! If one team guesses all of the words correct but one and does not connect the chain, and the other team is able to guess the last word and connect the chain the second team is the winner even though the other team guessed more words in the chain. It is not about who connects more words but who finishes the chain.

**WORD CHAIN EXAMPLE:                                    ANSWER:
1. GREASED                                                                 1. GREASED
2. L                                                                                 2. LIGHTNING
3.                                                                                    3. QUICK
4.                                                                                    4. FIX
5.                                                                                    5. DINNER
6.                                                                                    6. PARTY
7. PLANNER                                                                7. PLANNER
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