The Blood

HEBREWS 10:12 “he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever,…”

In the Old Testament, before Jesus Christ came in the flesh on earth to pay redemption’s cost for all mankind once and for all; the Old Testament saints would offer up animals as an atonement or covering for their sin. The high priest would go into the holy of holies on behalf of the people and offered an atonement for the people’s sin. This sacrificial atonement would happen once a year.

In Hebrews we see many comparisons of an Old and New Covenant. The old was set in the law, but the new much better. In Hebrews chapters 9 and 10, we see the words, “figure”, “things to come”, “pattern”, and “shadow” referring back to the Old Testament; so all the burnt offerings and blood offerings that were made were just a picture of a much better sacrifice (Jesus Christ), the final sacrifice made for all sins and all mankind. The atonement for sin by an animal’s blood in the Old Testament happened once a year, but the blood of Jesus Christ was a one and done payment for all mankind with no more payments required. How can one man pay the sin debt for all mankind?

In some foreign lands there are no price tags associated with merchandise, so a customer would take his merchandise to the front of the store where the owner of the store would be sitting. The customer would then lay his things on the counter and start placing money down beside it. Once enough money was placed down, the owner puts the money in the cash register and bags the items up, and the customer would know he had made enough payment for the items.

Over two thousand years ago, Christ left the portals of Heaven to come to earth. Jesus performed many miracles on earth, but Christ did not come to do miracles. Christ came to lay down his life on the cross of Calvary and pay sin’s debt. Jesus died on Calvary and was placed in a borrowed tomb, but PRAISE GOD, three days later God raised HIM from the grave. When Christ arose from the grave, God was telling the entire world that He was satisfied with the payment that was made for sinful man.
Evangelist Chris Dallas
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