How Did Jesus Handel Money?

John 13:29 “For some of them thought, because Judas had the bag, that Jesus had said unto him, Buy those things that we have need of against the feast; or, that he should give something to the poor.”

You may have never thought about this subject, but it is very important. As you grow up into adulthood money matters more and more. Sometime between now and when you are 30 you will probably (hopefully) get a job, graduate High School, get some college or training and move out on your own. You will need money for your cell phone, your car and insurance, rent and utilities, and all the bills that come with being a responsible adult. Let’s not forget God either! You need to give your tithes, gifts and offerings to the Lord in worship and respect to Him.

Having money isn’t a problem: it’s when money has you, now that is a problem. God has given us plenty of warnings about coveting money, loving money, worshiping money and giving your life over to pursuing money. Jesus had money and Jesus used money in His earthly life. Jesus is our example in all things including money. Well then, how did Jesus handle His money? We see an example in our passage today and I want to point out three things:

Jesus was Prudent with His money. Judas had the bag of money but it was Jesus’ money. Jesus was wise, or prudent with His money, He paid His way with money on hand, not on borrowed credit. Yes, there was credit even in Jesus’ day. Jesus didn’t live in debt, He had money to pay for things. Don’t live in debt! Jesus was Responsible with His money. The disciples thought that Jesus sent Judas to pay for everything they had bought for the Passover meal. That was His testimony, He paid his bills. He made sure He was known for being responsible and respectable with His money. Don’t borrow or buy things and then not pay for them. Jesus was Generous with His money. Jesus was known also for giving and helping the poor. Do we have that reputation that we are generous with what we have with those who do not have? God challenges us many times to be both generous and helpful to the poor around us.

Thought to Glow On: Let’s be Prudent, Responsible and Generous with our Money – Just Like Jesus
Pastor Robert Pophal
Rose Park Baptist Church | Holland, Michigan
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